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Ira Blumenthal has written hundreds of articles on various business topics...from "branding" to "strategic alliances." From "change management" to "success," and more... Four article examples follow for your review:

by Ira Blumenthal

Ira is also an author. As well as contributing chapters in a number of books by other author-editors, Ira's first book, Ready, Blame, Fire! (Myths and Misses in Marketing) is widely read and quoted. Ira will be releasing two new books in mid-2006.

Click on the cover of Ready, Blame, Fire! below for both a book summary and outline of this dynamic book written by Ira Blumenthal.

"Ready, Blame, Fire! provides the spark that fuels ideas and insight into unleashed energy and enthusiasm. Blumenthal is a profound thinker. His observations and experiences cause the reader to propel into action."

~Debbi Fields, Founder and Former Chairperson, Mrs. Fields Cookies


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